Frank Kern – Mass Control Promos – Module 2


Frank Kern – Mass Control Promos – Module 2 [4 Videos (MP4) + 2 (PDFs)]

I’d like to give you something very, very special!
The Survey Siphon training you just ordered was originally part of a course called “Mass Control Promos?
It sold for $997..00 and it was purchased by people all over the world …in over 23 countries.
The original training had eight total campaigns  …and all of them were just as powerful as the Survey Siphon.
And right now, I’d like to give you access to the entire Mass Control Promos course for just one additional payment of $112.
That’s almost 80% off.
Assuming you could even purchase the entire training elsewhere.
(It was only offered to a very select group of long-term customers, and then promptly taken off the market.)
And you might be wondering if it’s so great, why would I offer it for almost 80% off?
The reason why is two fold.
First, you’ll never see this offer again.
It’s literally a one time offer, just for those who purchased the discounted Survey Siphon training.
Second, this is a test.
I’m testing the effect of a deep discount offer in a “one click upsell?environment so I can share my finding with my consulting clients.
So because of this test, you’re able to get an extremely valuable, rare, and sought after series of wildly successful marketing campaigns  …

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Ryan Deiss – Authority ROI


  Ryan Deiss – Authority ROI [22 DVDs (MP4) + 61 Docs(WORD) + 1 Doc(PDF)]


If you want to be among those who make their living online you need to stand out. No longer is the “Blogger” attracting traffic or sales. The rules have changed and as Ryan puts it “Blogging is Broken” To survive today you can’t be a Blogger BUT you CAN be an Authority!! Good news is being a recognized authority in your niche gets a type of respect that translates into sales, more subscribers, and a better bottom line (up to 8 times more profitable than the current style of blogging being taught by others)
Inside the members area there are 6 core modules plus the other stuff.

The six modules are:

Module 1: Gut Check
Module 2: Establishing Your Brand
Module 3: Building Your Authority Site
Module 4: Establishing Your Content Strategy
Module 5: Monetizing Your Authority
Module 6: Scaling Your Media Empire

Inside each of the modules are several training sub-modules. There are hundreds of hours of videos, audios, and pdfs to read and learn.

It is well structured for step-by-step instruction with plenty of reference and resources.

Module 1: Gut Check
Finding sustainable markets for your authority sites – without it, you’ll just be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

However, intense data mining isn’t necessarily the best place to start either.

Ryan will explain some very simple ways to determine if your site idea holds water. Following his guidelines, I could probably say Yay or Nay to any specific idea within minutes.

If you are stuck for ideas, Ryan has resources to help you get going.

Module 2: Establishing your Brand
Learn to distinguish between your “market” and your “topic”.

Your market is about the “who, and your topic is about the “what”.

Your topic can shift overtime, but your market is your business constant.

Interesting discussion on selecting Personal, Corporate, or Product-Centric brand.

Which one yields more rapid growth? Which one is the most limiting?

Establishing personality and brand voice: this is something I see many bloggers fail at.

Distinguishing themselves from their competition.

Is your brand going to be serious or snarky? Is the glass half empty or half full? Will your language be formal or friendly?

Ryan has an awesome way to find the right voice that matches your personality and your market; wish I would’ve thought about it!

More: choosing the right domain name, creating your elevator pitch, etc.

Module 3: Building your authority site
Module 3 transitions us from the foundation work to the hands-on part, where we get to actually pour our grand ideas into our future authority site.

But to ensure that you don’t skip the steps above (remember, we want to avoid rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic), Modules 3 through 6 will become available at a later date.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Module 3:

Everything about setting up a WordPress site, the plugins and themes to use, what pages you HAVE TO have for SEO purposes and to comply with FTC disclosure guidelines, setting up the best silo structure to get the best SEO results, etc.

Trademark Your Site Name
Get a Google Places Listing
Prime The Pump With “Core Concept” and Filler Posts
Prime the Pump With Bad Ads From Big Companies
Setup Branded Social Properties
Integrate Social Properties Into Your Authority Site

Module 4: Establishing your content strategy
The lessons in Module 4 include:

Determine Your Posting Schedule
Determine Your Mailing Schedule (Editorial Calendar)
Brainstorm Possible Writers
Use Your Competition
Do All The Google Author Rank stuff?
Contact 20 Writers From Section 3
Add A “Write for Us” Page On Your Site
Post A Job Listing At
Post A Listing On Guest Blogging Sites:
Install the Postrunner WP plugin
Become A Curator Of Content
Regularly Go Back and Interlink Old Blog Posts
Make Active “Commentors” Famous

Module 5: Monetizing your authority
Monetizing my authority with Traffic Generation Café is a major sore point for me, so I am really looking forward to diving into this module.

Here’s what we’ll learn:

Convert Visitors into Subscribers
Lead Magnets
Sidebar Forms
Landing Pages
In-Post Opt-Ins
Create Two-Step Opt-In Forms
Sell Advertising
Hold a Webinar
Add a Premium Subscription Level
Virtuous Cycle
Module 6: Scaling your media empire
The lessons in Module 6 include:

Know Your Numbers
Monitor Your Rankings
Increase From 3 – 5 Posts Per Day to 5 – 10 (but make sure key metrics don’t trend down)
Hire a Managing Editor to Take Over Your Role
Syndicate With Other Top Sites
Run a Contest
Expand to Paid Advertising
Use Retargeting to Bring Traffic Back
Buy Tweets to Raise Your Profile

Who is Ryan Deiss?It’s very likely you are aware of who Ryan Deiss is, so I wont waste too much of your time on that, but just a brief overview…

He has made millions of dollars online, but is yet to be determined whether this has been made outside of the Internet Marketing space.

He formed alliance with another 10 (approx) gurus and has been in their product launch syndicate ever since. You know, the Gurus, Jeff Johnson, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, and so on.

I have been an internet marketer for over 3 years now so I have seen most of their million dollar product launches over the years.

Even though many “Gurus” have got a bad rap, those I mentioned above actually are legitimate teachers. Although often they do teach more theory than practical application.

One thing I have found with Ryan’s course is they do go into detail and provide cutting edge information.

You can learn a lot from him, but more important learn more of what they “do” and then you can duplicate it in your own niche.

There are many Guru’s out there who sell a load of BS products and push button software.

However, Ryan Deiss fortunately doesn’t seem to associate with these people.

I also think he has the capital (money) to create a high quality branded product with his team of staff, with cutting edge graphics, audio and he also a good speaker. This is important because it keeps you engaged with the message, and also entertained, whilst you learn. This is important, but not as important as the “content” and the “strategies” that are being taught.



Finch – Premium Posts Vol 5 Maximum ROI Marketing

 Finch – Premium Posts Vol 5 Maximum ROI Marketing[ebook (PDF)]

Are you determined to make money online, but lacking the budget to compete with other top affiliates and big spenders? Maximum ROI Marketing is designed for you. This is a comprehensive collection of tips and tricks for anybody looking to grow an online business on a shoestring budget.
Volume 5 reveals affiliate marketing strategies that are perfect for high ROI and rapid growth – from Plentyoffish and Facebook advertising, to the lucrative gaming market, to some non-affiliate ventures that are incredibly profitable. Maximum ROI Marketing will inspire you to get serious about turning your online dream in to a reality.
What are Premium Posts?
Welcome to the home of all the candid tips and spoilers I’ve been too terrified to give away for free. Now you’d be quite right to ask, “If it’s valuable, why would I give it away at all?”
Let’s make it clear. While these Premium Post packs are designed to provide far more insight and advice than I would ever give away for free, they do not include ready-to-go campaigns that you can simply jack and profit from.
I promise you absolutely nothing, only the shared feeling of knowing how it feels to be ripped off and doing everything in my power not to do the same to my readers!
I hope you like the posts.
Introduction: Maximum ROI MarketingHow to Test Profitably on a Budget: Strategies, Tips and Tricks’Set and Forget?Campaigns on Plentyoffish ?Profit Today AND TomorrowHow to Finally Crack Facebook on a Small BudgetSome Must-Read Tips for Running Gaming OffersHow to Make a Fortune on Auto-Pilot by Targeting Local BusinessesHow to Find Your Very Own ‘Pockets of Profit?on the WebMay 2012 in the AffiliasphereStruggling For Cashflow? Here’s What I Did…In Closing: Thanks for reading

MECLABS: Landing Page Optimization



MECLABS: Landing Page Optimization (HD) [6 videos (MP4), 6 slide decks (PPTX), 4 quizzes (SWF)]

This product is the result of the MECLABS – Landing Page Optimization (HD) GB Paid pledges get first access, wait times below.

Learn how to improve the efficiency of any landing page
Increase the percentage of visitors that become sales leads and/or customers

MECLABS Landing Page Optimization Online Course will help you:
? Learn how to optimize landing pages? Maximize click-throughs and conversion rates? Identify negative page elements that hurt conversion rates? Link revenue back to specific marketing initiatives
A landing page is a single web page that appears in response to an online click.A conversion occurs when a visitor performs a desired action on a landing page. The general goal of a landing page is to achieve the highest possible conversion rate.
While successful ad campaigns generate Web traffic for brands, many companies leak revenue due to inefficient landing pages. If you can’t convert your site’s visitors, then you are wasting time and money with every promotional effort. – Media Buying Academy

cf6c1740bf819b4147a25296425ed9ec – Media Buying Academy [68 Video (MP4) 4 Tables (XLS) 18 Slides (PDF) 1 Directory (CSV) 3 Picture (PNG)]

Even if you are winning the battle right now, what happens to your bottom line the next time google decides to hand out free coupons, inviting everyone out there to start bidding and raising prices?
SEO takes too long and leaves you at the mercy of  the always-changing search engine update. Don’t play by these rules.
What if you could have more control and transparency to scale profits beyond imagination?
Media buying is one of the oldest, most profitable forms of online advertising; it’s also the least understood, which is why there are so many myths surrounding it.
Few Internet Marketers have discovered the profitable path to media buying. Those who do, have always kept it secret, until now.  They have left internet marketing to join the tech world and are only now sharing their strategies
Spying on your competitorsCreating a laser targeted demographic profileLocating highly relevant traffic sourcesSystemic evaluation of traffic sourcesRunning controlled network test buys and then scalingNegotiating media buys for the lowest price and best termsCreating banners with high CTRCreating Landing Pages that ConvertDriving traffic to Landing PagesRetargeting your visitors to raise your conversionsTracking and Analytics of Ads and Landing PagesOptimizing and repeating to scale-out your profits.Tips/Tricks/ and Resources for you Campaign

Dr.Paul – Mature Masculine Power 3.0

Mature Masculine Power Name Product: Dr.Paul – Mature Masculine Power 3.0 COST: $487 Author: Dr.Paul Size: 40.75 GB Website: For this training program, I stepped back. Way back and thought about all-new models of psychology for this one, then I STARTED FROM SCRATCH in designing it. It’s powerful. It is the latest of the…

Robert Kiyosaki – How To Find & Keep Good Tenants

Robert Kiyosaki – How To Find & Keep Good Tenants [1 CD (MP3)]

Good Investment Properties Start With Good Leases
The value of your investment property is only as good as the income it generates. And your income is predicated on the quality of your tenants. Good tenants can increase the value of your property, but bad tenants can cost you money ?and lots of it!
Bad tenants cause physical damage to your property, attract other bad tenants, and often pay their rent late ?if at all ?causing maintenance and legal costs to skyrocket.
Rich Dad Advisor, Ken McElroy, and Robert Kiyosaki know what it takes to find good tenants ?and to keep them. With over thirty years of experience in real estate investing, Ken and Robert have the knowledge and experience you need to be a successful real estate investor ?and they’re sharing it with you in How To: Find and Keep Good Tenants.
In the How To: Find and Keep Good Tenants audio program you will learn:
?Tips for attracting good, reliable tenants?How much it costs to evict a tenant?Why real estate may be the “safest” investment?The top five mistakes amateur real estate investors make?And more!